We went on our first real family VACATION (as opposed to a trip to visit family) last week to Montreal and it was awesome! Here’s some of what we did:


We stayed at an Airbnb and there were these cool dinosaurs. Jonas had a lot of fun making them roar. I was a little worried he would destroy some things there but we got away with only a ripped book page (that thankfully the host wasn’t upset about.

On Saturday, we mostly just slept since we had been on the red eye and were coming from a different time zone. Then we went to Atwater Market, a cool outdoor market, and walked around.


On Sunday we went to Mont Royal Park. Every Sunday there’s a thing called the Tam Tams where people play drums and juggle and do Live Action Role Playing and all kinds of other stuff. We ended up taking a really long hike through the park, thinking it would surely loop back around. After climbing, climbing, climbing for miles, we finally just asked someone and they told us it didn’t circle around, so we turned around.


We went to a place my friend recommended called La Banquise and had vegan poutine. Yum!


On Monday we met up with my friend Kate, who I know from an online group for moms with babies born in September 2013. It was so fun! We went to a place called Melons and Clementines that had great snacks for grownups and babies and had play space for the kiddos to run around. Jonas and her son Henry LOVED each other and kept asking each other (in English and French, respectively) for kisses and hugs. It was adorable. Kate is totally someone I would hang out with even if we didn’t have babies born 10 days apart and I’m so glad to have gotten to spend time with her.


An ATM refused our card even though we had put a travel advisory on it so Jared had to call them. There are still pay phones all around the city, and they actually came in handy!

20150608_190848These probably won’t really exist when Jonas is old enough to remember them so we thought we’d take a picture of him with one!


On Tuesday we went to the Biodome and saw a bunch of animals. Jonas loved it, especially the fish and the penguins. He got so excited when we saw the penguins he was giggling!


On Wednesday we went to a creperie called Chez Suzette with Jared’s hockey blogging friend and then to the Montreal Canadiens Hall of Fame. It was cool to see all the old jersies and other artifacts. Jonas slept through the whole museum.

20150611_145751 20150611_145847

On Thursday we went to the Montreal International Beer Festival. Kate met up with us again and showed us her favorite local beers to try. It was awesome! My favorite was one called Chihuahua from Brasseur de Montreal that was made with lemongrass. It was delicious. Then we tipsily walked down to the Old Port and visited the Museum of Canadian delights where we got to sample different kinds of maple syrup and maple toffe, which is made by twisting a stick of maple syrup in crushed ice. It was so yummy!



We didn’t have plans for Friday so we went back to Atwater Market and walked around some more. We had delicious tofu buns with peanut sauce at a place called Satay Brothers for lunch and since Jonas had been asking for strawberries, we got some fresh ones. We also got maple sorbet, which is maybe the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten! Jonas didn’t feel like being in the baby carrier or on our lap, but he was happy when we let him sit in his own metro seat. He didn’t even want us to hold him. When he felt he was indpendent enough, he said, “That’s fun!” with a big grin.

For dinner we went to a vegetarian place called La Panthere Verte– The Green Tiger and had delicious sandwiches and vegan tiramisu.

20150612_190629 20150612_191052

On the way back to the apartment, it was raining, and Jonas told us all to put our hoods up and then said we were a “hoodie family.”

20150613_134349 20150613_175309

It was so nice– the Montreal airport had toys to keep kids entertained!

We got home late Saturday night. It was such a fun trip and so nice to have so much time to hang out as a family!



Jonas Says

Jared: Who is SO pretty?
Jonas: Mommy’s so pretty!

(In the car)
Jonas: PICK up with Mommy!
Becca: I can’t pick you up right now. I’m driving.
Jonas: I need this.

Jonas: This is Mommy’s pillow
Becca: This is Mommy’s pillow?
Jonas: Actually, this is Daddy’s pillow.
(What 20 month old says “actually”?!)



Jonas: Have a helmet! Baby Duck! Hockey Duck. (Takes helmet off and puts stick down). Not a hockey Duck now.


Jonas has had a runny nose for the last week, but didn’t seem to be sick. His bottom canines just came in so I figured it was teething related, though I’ve read some people say now that teething doesn’t cause runny noses, just drooling. He was playing and happy, even if he did have his hand in his mouth a lot!


Doing “work” on the dishwasher


He told me he’s a “cool dude”


Then Saturday morning, I took his temperature and it said 100.5. He took a long nap and when he woke up, it said 101.5. He was acting sleepy and sad and just not himself, and since we were supposed to see family that afternoon, I took him to the Target clinic. When we got there, they said his temperature was 105.4!! We took off his clothes and put an ice pack on him and gave him some baby Tylenol. The nurse practitioner there checked out his ears and throat and belly and lungs and poor Jonas was crying and clinging to me and saying, “No!” and “Get out!” It was heartbreaking. They took his temperature after 20 minutes and it was up to 106 so we went to urgent care. I was doing my best to act calm so he wouldn’t be more upset, but I was definitely trying not to freak out. We kept the ice pack on him and had the AC on full blast in the car and thankfully, by the time we got there, his temperature was down to 98.6. The DO there looked in his ears and said right away that he has an ear infection and he wasn’t sure why they didn’t see it at the clinic. So now we’re alternating Tylenol and Motrin and he is on Amoxycillin to get rid of the ear infection.


Back home after urgent care and smiling again!

We didn’t get to go to the family mother’s day dinner, but Jared went and picked up our delicious enchiladas and my awesome presents and dropped off our presents for everyone else.

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and Jonas was feeling much better. He and Jared made sure my day was great! I got to sleep in until 10(!) and then took a long shower. Jared made me coffee. I got my present– a hair cut, partial highlights, gloss, condition, and style! I’m so excited to use it! We had the enchiladas for lunch and then went to a frozen yogurt place that has dairy free flavors. Jared and Jonas stopped by to tell Grandma happy mother’s day while I got some groceries for dinner, and then Jared cooked my favorite meal– tofu piccata. We had some rose champagne, went for a family walk, and watched the Ducks eliminate the Flames. Then Jared did the dishes. Perfect!


I know I say it a lot, but I absolutely love being this kid’s mommy. It is the best!! And now that I am a Mommy, Mother’s Day is definitely my favorite holiday!

It’s May!

We’ve been keeping busy since last month with lots of play dates and adventures. Here is a little of what we’ve been up to:


We went to the Jurupa Mountain Discovery Center and checked out their cactus nursery and gardens. They have an awesome gift shop with all kinds of rocks and minerals. Jonas even got to touch a snake!


My Aunt Penny and Mindy visited from New York. Aunt Penny and Jonas rocked out to the Rolling Stones. We also went with them to the Victoria Gardens Farmer’s Market and the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens and went swimming in the hotel pool. Aunt Penny is a photographer and took a bunch of amazing pictures of our time together!

11118318_10152988602649398_178156660_n 11160418_10152988604129398_829881895_n 11160541_10152988604134398_1463863110_n 11178431_10152988605534398_548472189_n 11180120_10152988601604398_1334961207_n 11195297_10152988611884398_340539329_n 11195451_10152988604139398_1910714210_n

We went to the Great Cloth Diaper Change and helped set a record!


Jonas likes to stand on the toilet and wash his hands, so we figured it would be better to get him a step stool and faucet extender. He loves it!20150428_133531



Last night we hung out with our friends, who are Flames fans, and watched the Flames/ Ducks game 2! It was really fun. Jonas and his friend get along so well together. They were sitting in the toy box and cracking up.11205516_10155445727925386_2211975413814034485_n

Happy Spring!

We had a busy weekend celebrating two holidays! Here are a few pictures from Passover and Easter.


Ready to see the Easter Bunny


Jonas LOVED the Easter bunny. He hugged him and talked to him and pet his fur. When we took him off of the bunny’s lap, he cried for 10 minutes, “See Easter Bunny!”

Passover Seder table

Passover Seder table


20150404_130614 (1)

Making dinner as Jonas eats his matzo, or as he calls it, “big cracker”

My friend Shona came over to do Passover Seder with us.



Getting into the Easter spirit by sticking a pretend carrot in the XBox.

Getting into the Easter spirit by sticking a pretend carrot in the XBox.




Bubby’s Visit and Our Road Trip!

Bubby visited from March 2-13 and she, Jonas, and I went on a road trip to visit Pop and Nana in Fairfield.

The first day we drove to Fresno. The trip started out a little stressfully. We set off with what I thought was enough gas. Turns out there is a long stretch with nowhere to get gas, mostly uphill. My car went quickly from saying I had 45 miles worth to 41 to 36 to under 30. We pulled over at the Pyramid Lake rest stop because I didn’t want to get stuck on the side of the road. Thankfully we have AAA and they came in 20 minutes with a couple gallons to get us to the nearest gas station! The hotel in Fresno was ok but not in the best neighborhood. Some little kids were running around the hallways and rattled the doorknob and at one point I thought I heard someone knock on the door. I said, “Who’s knocking?” and then Jonas yelled “Who’s knocking?!” for 15 minutes until he fell asleep.


The next morning at breakfast. He didn’t actually eat much of that giant plate of food!


We drove to Fairfield the next day and hung out with Pop and Nana– it was Jonas’s first time meeting them! It was so cool to have four generations together. Jonas especially liked playing with their dog, Dudley.

20150305_153349 oOXYMi-m7K_p9bT2bJriyTH39ITOG2YQ8ux4AB8YQpA=w327-h576-no IMG_20150305_164629

That night, we stayed at a hotel, a Fairfield Inn and Suites, that was SO nice, especially compared to the night before. The beds were so comfortable and we slept so well since we were so tired. They even had soy milk at breakfast!



I think this is Bubby giving Jonas a “Don’t push that straw into your soy milk” warning look. He takes her seriously!

20150306_100241 20150306_100320

We were supposed to stay in Fresno again, but we decided to try to find another Fairfield Inn and Suites since we liked it so much. We changed our reservation to one in Tulare, which actually ended up being closer to the middle of the drive, so it was perfect! On the drive there, we stopped at a restaurant for lunch. They had a cute waterfall fountain in front so we posed for some pictures.

20150306_143210 20150306_143237 20150306_143231

I had a plate of appetizers. It was all fried and delicious! It filled me up so much, I wasn’t even hungry for dinner.


20150307_095951 20150307_095956


We stopped in Pasadena the next day to have some food with Sadie and then drove the rest of the way home. Jonas got sick of being in the car sometimes and would cry to “see Mommy” and we came up with some fun ways to entertain him. My favorite was singing Old McDonald. For each animal, Bubby would pull out a finger puppet and have it dance for Jonas.

Here are a few more pictures from Bubby’s visit.




I love the way Jonas and Bubby are looking at each other here.

20150312_214821 IMG_20150303_194712


Jonas loves Bubby! He kept saying “See Bubby!” whenever she was in another room and they had so much fun together. <3

Puppy Love

I was planning to take ten pictures to share on February 10th but ended up only taking these:

20150210_084105 20150210_084108

Jonas loves to pretend to put on deodorant just like Mommy and Daddy so I give him an empty deodorant bottle. He even asked to unzip his pajamas so he could reach his armpits!

Since I didn’t take many photos on the 10th, here are some other recent ones of what we’ve been up to lately. Jonas has been fascinated by the dog lately and it is so cute. 20150206_205816 pup1

20150211_100748 20150211_100721

The other day, he went with me to visit a doula client and her new baby. We got him to give a kiss in her direction, but he was a little uncertain.


Later, Jared asked if Jonas liked the baby. Jonas said, “No,” and then patted his chest enthusiastically, saying, “Baby!”

I think doing some yoga helped him relax, though, haha.


Christmas 2014

Christmas was so fun this year. It was great to see Jonas get excited about his presents and spending time with everyone. On Christmas Eve, Jared read The Night Before Christmas, a tradition from his side of the family.

On Christmas morning, we went downstairs and opened our stockings. Jonas liked the glasses and books that Santa picked out for him.


We waited until Aunt Sadie and her boyfriend arrived around 8am to open our other gifts. Aunt Sadie and Jonas got each other the same book!

10647213_747086980092_3762703279452242844_n 10882334_747087015022_2750754422221107633_n

Santa brought Jonas a steering wheel to play with in the car and a Mighty Ducks jersey. Jared and I got him a wooden coffee maker and a book. Bubby sent a bead lacing kit, a baby doll, a skunk puppet, some flying whirligig things (she got them at her 60th birthday party and decided to send them and they are probably Jonas’s favorite gift, other than the giant box below), a flashlight, and other fun goodies. Great Grandma got him wooden vegetables and a wooden stir fry set.


After a late breakfast of tofu scramble, Jonas fell asleep and even stayed asleep when I handed him to Sadie while we got ready to go to Aunt Shannon, Uncle Chris, Kayla, and Brooklyn’s house.


Aunt Sadie headed to Las Vegas for a wedding and we went to Shannon’s.


Hanging out with Vincent the kitty

I love the way the light looks in the picture below, and I love how cute my kiddo is!


Jonas played twister with Papa and his cousins.


We had a delicious dinner and then opened even more gifts!


He got a tool bench and pajamas from Grandma and Papa and a Little People Musical Preschool from Aunt Shannon and family!

It was a long, but great day! I think Jonas felt the same way. I love that his little feet are propped up on his cousin here. Even though he was tired, he had a hard time sleeping that night, I think from all the excitement! I never imagined that Christmas could be as fun as it was as a kid, but seeing my own kid enjoy Christmas is so awesome!



101 in 1001 Check In

I started with 101 in 1001 on January 1, so it’s been almost a year. This year, I completed 40 of my goals and made progress on a few more! Here’s what we did:

1. go to Baby Bookworm at the library
2. Apple picking at Oak Glen
3. visit Lindsey
4. purge closet
5. blog at least once a month for Jonas’s first year (7/12)
6. meditate for 30 minutes a day for 30 days
7. go to a punk show
8. remodel play room into something we’ll use
9. baby proof
10. get doula business cards
11. finish doula website
12. ask Grandma to tell me a story I’ve wanted to hear
13. finish sending birth announcements
14. plan 1st bday party for Jonas with slideshow
15. donate unused baby stuff
16. watch Dollhouse
17. frame wedding invitation
18. make jalapeno poppers
19. take Jonas to a show/concert
20. do baby signs with Jonas
21. 2015 calendar with 2014 pictures
22. set up college fund for Jonas
23. invest some of our savings
24. move dinners away from the tv and to the table
25. pick a new fruit or vegetable and make something with it
26. take Jonas to the beach
27. tech free Tuesdays actually: Facebook Free Fridays
28. set up emergency kit
29. get a nice camera (on my phone)
30. take Jonas to Chino Youth Museum
31. bake a pie from scratch
32. add money to kiva account and lend
33. let Jonas try a lemon (record it)
34. SD card of Jonas’s first Christmas for Grandma
35. finger paint with Jonas
36. use old bath products and cosmetics or throw away
37. Make 5 cookbook recipes
38. go to Fontana farmer’s market
39. set up organization system for business expense tracking
40. build up 100 oz breast milk stash

Ten on Ten December 2014

I haven’t written since last month! We’ve been pretty busy. Anyway, here are ten pictures from our day!


Jonas likes to take things out of the fridge, ask me what they are, repeat it, and then ask, “Eat?” I had to tell him, “No, we can’t eat chocolate syrup for breakfast.”


He actually colored a little bit today but still was more interested in trying to dump the crayons out.


A walk to the park a few blocks away.


We stayed there for a while. The playground is small but there is tons of grass to explore.


All that playing made Jonas sleepy. I got to start this comic book. The protagonist is a 16-year-old Muslim girl and it is good so far!


After nap time, it was time for a Target trip for some Christmas gifts.

20141210_163255Jonas loves using screwdrivers to “turn” things. I asked him to help me fix the refrigerator.


I’ve been listening to the MU330 Winter Wonderland album every year since high school. Today was the first time I listened to it this year and it made me feel like it is actually almost Christmas!


I am pretty proud of our dinner tonight! Spicy lemon (vegan) shrimp and asparagus over rice.


Just saying hi while Mommy and Daddy relax on the couch.

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